Import CAD Assemblies in SpaceClaim and Simulate using SC-Motion

GrabCAD is a very good resource to share CAD models and is a bliss for engineers like us. Most of the CAD files we deal at AR-CAD are the assembly files which have some motion in them. Of late, we have been using a lot of their models in our work. In this tutorial we do the following:

  1. Import IC Engine (Slider Crank) CAD file (STEP format) inside SpaceClaim, which is a CAD neutral software.
  2. Rearrange SpaceClaim assembly slightly to make it more logical assembly.
  3. Define Assembly Conditions/Constraints between different Components (parts)
  4. Rotate the crank in SpaceClaim using Move command and see the movement of the mechanism. The piston goes up and down.
  5. Start SC-Motion and define rotation at the crank
  6. Perform Motion Simulation and see the animation.

We are grateful to Hardi Meybaum and Indrek Narusk who co-founded GrabCAD as an awesome platform for CAD Engineers/Designers :)

 The video tutorial can be downloaded here

2 thoughts on “Import CAD Assemblies in SpaceClaim and Simulate using SC-Motion

  1. Great presentation! Thanks for sharing. Look forward to seeing more of your videos about SpaceClaim. Also I was unaware GrabCAD existed, what an invaluable tool!

    • Ben,
      We are glad you liked the tutorials. We are planning to post more of these. GrabCAD is like Facebook for CAD users. It is a boon for users like us.

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